Hero Honda
                                                                                                         DATE: 13/7/2004

We started using the services of AJAX Consulting sometime in late 2002 when it had just been about 6 months into its business. We are now able to state with confidence that we are very satisfied with the work AJAX has done for us and were not unhappy at anytime in trusting our work to a very young company and trust we will carry on feeling the same in the future also.

More specifically, whenever we feel the need to use the services of external agencies:

• We get a very good number of resumes from AJAX most of which are suitable as per the specifications we provide AJAX.
• Usually 30% or more of the candidates we shortlist are from amongst those supplied by AJAX.
• Up to 50% of those finally hired are at times candidates supplied by AJAX.
• AJAX has never disappointed us by not meeting timelines for any purpose as promised by them and usually they deliver before our own timelines.
• Lastly when we call those who have been shortlisted by us they are all well informed by AJAX in advance about all that we feel they should know before hand.

For Hero Honda Motors Limited
Poonam Sharma