Ajax Consulting believes in differentiating itself from a good number of other companies (big or small) in the same line of business by working as per the following basic tenets.

  • We have no fixed office hours/days. The client's  issues are immediate action points for us irrespective of when we are informed of them. We endeavor to offer very quick response times to our clients and candidates unless circumstances do not permit it.

  • We are available 24 x 7 to our Clients as well as Candidates. Try it - call Sharad at  +91-9971114910 at anytime of the day or night,   weekday or weekend,  whenever you have critical issue at hand.  As long as my phone is not  busy, I  will take your call and will also try to attend to your issue immediately. However you may have to put up with background noise at odd hours.

  • We  work  better  for  clients who  are  fast  in their decision  making  and  give clear  cut answers. We prefer clarity and honest answers irrespective of how hard they may be to swallow.

  • We don't ever simply say "we will get back to you" and then forget about the matter and we prefer to work with Clients as well as Candidates who also don't do or say the same.

  • As  long  as  you  believe  that  the  work you are  giving  to  us is of enough importance to you to make you spend some quality time on it, you will not find us lacking in our efforts to work to your satisfaction.

  • We work  best with  Clients  as  well  as  Candidates  who  are  comfortable  about giving us their mobile phone numbers.

  • We do not charge our candidates a cent. The only thing we require from them is their sincere interest, honest and straightforward dealings and fast responses.